The Odyssey

“The Odyssey” was written under the direction of Dr. Chan Ji Kim in Autumn 2010. Written as a trio for flute, guitar, and cello, this piece depicts the ten-year journey home of Odysseus, the famous hero of the Trojan War. “The Odyssey” is separated into three sections, in order to summarize the ten-year journey.


The Trojan War has just ended with the Greeks burning the city of Troy. Mourning the loss of his fellow soldiers, he begins thinking about his beloved wife, Penelope, and wonders if she is still waiting for him, or if she has given up hope of his return. Odysseus wastes no time, and assembles him men for departure.

Vivace / Largo

On their journey home, Odysseus and his men land on the island where Polyphemus, Poseidon’s cyclops son, resides. Poseidon, who had aligned himself with the Greeks during the Trojan War, becomes infuriated with Odysseus when he blinds Polyphemus, and vows to delay his journey home as long as possible. After numerous trials, Odysseus is left alone, suffering. He arrives on the island of Calypso, where he is held captive for seven years, until Zeus order Calypso to send him on his way back to Ithaca.


Odyssey tells his story to the Phaeacians, who agree to aid him in his quest home. Upon arriving in Ithaca, Odysseus finds his home overrun with suitors seeking to claim Penelope. Odysseus appears, vanquishes his foes, and embraces his wife and son, who have remained loyal to him for a total of twenty years.

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Future Plans

Because The Odyssey is such an epic tale, a three-minute piece is simply not enough to do it justice. More music on this topic is in the works, and will be released as completed.

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