Into the Sacred Grove

“Into the Sacred Grove”, a duet for guitar and harp, was written for MakeMusic’s Garritan Composer Contest, which was held in celebration of MakeMusic’s acquisition of Garritan Corporation, the leader in virtual sounds.┬áThe objective of this competition was to paint a musical picture of your dream vacation using the provided motif. For me, this is the forests of Ireland, where outside of civilization, the true beauty of the land takes shape and a certain mysticism fills the air.

For those unfamiliar with the history of Ireland, the forests were home to “sacred groves”, which were used by the ancient druids as ritual sites for the divine spirits that lived within. These groves also provided sanctuary, refuge, and final resting place for those unable to find peace in life, with the spirits of the forest serving as guardians.

The guitar begins with a simple melody, symbolizing a traveler wandering through the woods. Soon, the melody is joined by another, giving the traveler a sense of belonging. As time goes on, the spirits of the forest join in; first with subtlety, but eventually overtaking the guitar as the main focal point of the piece. As the piece comes to a close, the traveler’s soul becomes one with the spirits of the sacred grove.

“Stout Grove” by Yinghai.

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