Prelude in F

“Prelude in F Major” was written for the Inaugural Lake George Music Festival Composition Competition. For the contest, composers were told to compose a piece under 15 minutes in length for one to six players from a list of standard instruments. In total, 325 compositions were submitted from over 30 countries.

At the time of composing “Prelude in F Major”, I was struggling to outperform my previous piece, “Into the Sacred Grove“, which I felt captured my overall sound as a composer. Although I originally decided on composing a piece for flute quintet, Stephanie (my wife) recommended I compose for a different instrument.

After taking a look at the piano preludes of Frederic Chopin, I felt inspired to write one myself. However, not being one to simply imitate others, I decided to incorporate certain elements of the minimalist movement into the composition, resulting in a beautiful piano solo which, in my mind, evokes thoughts of water.

More piano music will be released in the future. Until then, you are welcome to commission a work of your own by e-mailing me at [email protected]. Otherwise, I invite you to check out the rest of my music.


“Water Drop 1” by Tim Fields.

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